Is your tractor the perfect match?

Posted on 01/30/2013 in General, Planting, Seedbed preparation.

planter tractor compatibility
Determining tractor/planter compatibility requires knowledge of certain specifications. Read on to see if your tractor and planter are the perfect match.

  • Tractor horsepower and weight must be adequate to maintain control of the planter in the field and in transport situations. This is especially important when operating on hilly or unstable soil where additional control is required.
  • Planters are equipped with several hydraulic motors that require low back pressure case drain returns to the tractor. Low pressure is defined as less than 25 PSI under full-flow conditions. Refer to your tractor operator’s manual for correct low-pressure return connections for your tractor.
  • When using a hydraulic PTO pump to power planter vacuum and bulk fill fans, refer to specific tractor installation instructions for PTO pump torque restraint kits.
  • Set tractor three-point hitch adjustments according to planter operator’s manual instructions. For example, sway adjustment will vary between hitch-mounted toolbar planters and a drawn planter using the three-point hitch quick-coupler connection.
  • Electrical system requirements include the standard seven-pin connector socket for safety lighting, and power to the planter hydraulic system cooling fan, if equipped.
  • When hookup is complete, thoroughly inspect the routing of all hoses and electrical harnesses between the tractor and planter.
  • Steer the tractor/planter combination through complete right and left turns and raise and lower the tractor or planter hitch to make sure there is no interference.

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