Tough conditions call for tough tools.

Posted on 05/14/2013 in Combine, Harvest, Video tips.

Hard to Thresh Module for Case IH combineDealing with hard-to-thresh crops? Hard-to-thresh kits from your Case IH dealer can help significantly enhance threshing performance. These kits offer:

  • More rub bars and closer wire spacing to limit grain separation. This increases threshing time to allow for better kernel release.
  • Rotor cage covers that block off the perforated area in the number-one and number-two positions to prevent unthreshed crop from being thrown out of the cage before being threshed.
  • Two configurable awning plates to block grain separation and meet extreme threshing conditions.

Other threshing tips for tough conditions:

  • When harvesting hard-to-thresh grains with any rotor, help the combine complete the threshing operation by retarding two or more of the transport vanes to the slow position over the concaves, beginning with the first two vanes.
  • For very severe hard-to-thresh conditions, such as a heat-stressed crop, interrupter bars can be installed in the concaves. Interrupter bars are used to increase threshing aggressiveness in hard-threshing small grains. The effect of Interrupter bars is to increase threshing area with additional concave bars.

 Watch the video below for threshing maintenance tips.

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