Time to plant! Storage removal tips

Posted on 01/30/2013 in Featured, Maintenance, Planting, Seedbed preparation, Service.

planter storage removal
You’re ready to plant. For the best growing season, remember these tips when removing your planter from storage:

  1. Clean hydraulic hose couplers before connecting to the tractor.
  2. Make sure tires are properly inflated before moving the planter.
  3. Remove protective grease and clean exposed cylinder rods.
  4. Carefully raise the planter to ensure that settling during storage or other nearby equipment doesn’t interfere with the movement of the planter.
  5. Make sure seed disks are returned to matching meter housings during re-installation.
  6. Inspect the entire planter for signs of rodent or other damage.
  7. Check hydraulic hoses and wiring harnesses for proper routing, and tie strap as needed.
  8. Replace hydraulic filter if necessary.
  9. Re-install drive chains.
  10. Lubricate all grease fittings. Be careful not to over-grease fittings that you lubricated prior to storage.
  11. Cover bulk fill hopper bottom with powdered graphite.
  12. Cover seed disk with graphite.
  13. Work powdered graphite into singulator spool pins.
  14. Clean seed tubes and seed sensors.
  15. Close AccuRow or pneumatic down pressure drains if applicable.
  16. Read the operator’s manual for both the planter and display operation.

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