Before you till: Pre-season tillage checklist

Posted on 01/29/2013 in Featured, Seedbed preparation, Video tips.

Steiger 620 Quadtrac & Tiger Mate 200 0513_AMSM_A-3099

The Case IH Tiger-Mate 200 provides uniform soil distribution for faster dry-down, allowing you to plant earlier for an extended growing season with faster germination. Excellent soil tilth means proper pore and soil aggregate size and distribution in the seed zone, improved seed-to-soil contact, faster germination and more uniform crop emergence. Get your Tiger-Mate ready for its best growing season with this pre-season checklist:

  1. Review all safety guidelines in your operator’s manual.
  2. Check all bolts for proper tightness. If the implement is new, check after an hour of operation and every few hours of operation.
  3. Replace ground tools that are severely worn, broken or damaged.
  4. Check tires for correct inflation, according to the PSI listed in your operator’s manual.
  5. Check the wheel lug bolts daily.
  6. Grease all fittings according to the lubrication section of your operator’s manual.
  7. Inspect, repack or replace (as necessary) walking beam bearings, wheel bearings and seals.
  8. Check hoses, hose routing and hydraulic cylinders. Any leaking or fraying hoses should be replaced.
  9. Check warning and taillights for proper function.

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