Be ready—with options for every part of your equipment’s life cycle.

Posted on 05/14/2013 in CNH Industrial Reman, Featured, General, Service.

Count on Genuine Case IH parts and service to maximize your machine performance.When it comes to quality parts engineered for your Case IH equipment, no one has a wider—or more trusted—selection than your Case IH dealer. A widespread part offering provides parts and service for the life of your machine. With genuine Case IH parts and CNH Industrial Reman parts from Case IH, you’re covered.

Genuine Case IH parts
You can trust genuine Case IH parts from your dealer, because they are the parts your machine is made of. They were made to meet our exacting engineering, material and manufacturing standards. Maximize the return on your farming investment with genuine Case IH parts.

CNH Industrial Reman parts from Case IH
With CNH Industrial Reman parts from Case IH, cost- and time-efficiency meet demanding quality standards. These parts are remanufactured from their core—not rebuilt from the point of failure—and often tested to even stricter standards than during their original manufacturing. Remanufactured drop-in assemblies install faster, minimizing labor costs and maximizing uptime. To download the Case IH Remanufactured Parts Harvest Application Guide, click here.

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