LED: Raw vs. effective lumens

Posted on 05/14/2013 in General, Maintenance.

LED lights from Case IH_2Lumens are a good indication of the power of your LED lights—when interpreted correctly. The problem is, many LED light manufacturers advertise the raw lumen specifications—which don’t take into account outside factors (thermal losses, optical losses, etc.) that can decrease light output by as much as 75 percent.

Effective lumens, on the other hand, factor in these losses, giving you a more realistic measure of light output.

So why don’t all manufacturers advertise effective lumens? The short answer: calculating it requires expensive and complex photometry equipment.

Here’s an example of potentially misleading LED specifications:

LED light 1: Output rating of 2,000 raw lumens and 1,000 effective lumens.

LED light 2: Output rating of 3,000 raw lumens, but only 500 effective lumens.

While the second light may seem like the better choice, based solely on raw lumens, it actually has fewer effective lumens, making it the less powerful choice.

LED lights from your Case IH dealer advertise effective lumens—making for a more accurate representation of LED power.

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