The pressure is on

Posted on 05/05/2014 in AFS, Planting.

Understanding pressure and soil conditions is key to optimizing seed placement for higher yield. It’s important to find the right balance between too much and too little down pressure.

CaseIH-Magnum-310-&-1255-Planter-0513With Pneumatic Down-Pressure (PDP) kits from Case IH, you can quickly assess and adjust down pressure based on current soil conditions for optimum seed placement every time. PDP kits for 1200 series planters allow for down-pressure adjustments of 0-260 pounds and feature an individual air spring on each row unit. The single point adjustment and air gauge allow you to easily monitor and adjust the air pressure. For those not riding in the cab, all adjustments can be made from the AFS™ Pro 600 or AFS™ Pro 700 control centers.


How much pressure?CaseIH Down Pressure
When determining how much pressure to use, the general rule of thumb is that dry soils require increased down pressure and moist soils require reduced down pressure. Down-pressure is adjusted by placing the row units in the planting position and activating the air pump toggle while monitoring pressure on the pump-mounted gauge.

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