Preserve hay the safe way with ThirtyPlus

Posted on 05/16/2014 in Harvest.

Case IH ThirtyPlus hay preservative is a buffered acid used to help preserve all types of hay. Applying a low level of ThirtyPlus will retain the hay’s natural green color and fresh smell. The chemically buffered and neutralized propionic level of ThirtyPlus is one of the highest in the industry. ThirtyPlus enables you to bale your hay at a maximum 30 percent moisture level when used with a Case IH applicator. What’s more, ThirtyPlus is safe to store outside and won’t freeze or lose effectiveness over time.
CASE IH Thirty Plus Preservative
Safe for your livestock
Propionic acid, the main ingredient in ThirtyPlus, is an organic acid occurring naturally in horses’ gastrointestinal tracts and in ruminants—so it’s safe to feed to livestock.

Safe for your equipment
The gentle, but effective, ingredients in ThirtyPlus won’t cause corrosion on your expensive baling equipment and won’t clog application equipment.

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