Planter maintenance series
Part 3: Row unit

Posted on 01/29/2013 in Planting, Video tips.

row unit maintenance

In part three of our planter maintenance series, we’ll inspect the row unit.

  • Check the distance between the opener disks at the closest point. Distance between the openers should be shimmed to 0 – 3.1 mm (0 – 1/8 in).
  • Replace the firming point when it no longer conforms to the shape of the firming point tool (firming point gauge part number: 1958225C4)
  • When servicing ground-engaging components, use care to avoid injury on parts worn sharp by contact with the soil.
  • Replace opener disks when they are worn to a 13 ½-inch diameter.
  • Inspect disk scrapers. Scrapers are not adjustable, and should be replaced when they are no longer able to keep disks clean in your soil and planting conditions.
  • Disks and firming points should be replaced in sets to maintain an even depth and soil contact characteristics, and to promote even wear patterns.
  • Check each side of the seed shoe for wear. Replace the seed shoe if a notch is worn in the bottom of either side of the seed shoe.
  • Drain accumulated condensate water from the Pneumatic Down Pressure system
    • Check the system pressure gauge, Schrader valve, three-way valve(s), threaded fittings, tubing press fittings and pneumatic springs on row units in the event of leakage
  • On planters with hydraulically driven seed meters, check ground speed sensors on the wheels for debris or missing teeth.
    • Sensor “sprockets” should operate a consistent distance from the sensor of 0.040-0.160 inches while the wheel is turned. Make sure speed sensor harnesses are properly routed and secured.

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