Lift. Twist. Roll: Kill compaction—one Tiger Point at a time.

Posted on 08/28/2013 in Featured, Planting, Primary tillage, Seedbed preparation, Video tips.

1767-04 Tiger Point Blog Image_lift twist roll

A leading factor in crop-yield reduction is soil compaction, but most points do little to alleviate it. Case IH Tiger Points are different—and it’s all about the lift, twist and roll:

  1. LIFT. The tip starts the fracturing by lifting the compacted soil.
  2. TWIST. The front area of the wing starts the twisting action, which relocates soil layers and prevents immediate re-compaction.
  3. ROLL. The back of the wings and the shank finish the job by rolling the soil to incorporate fertilizer and residue.



Compaction restricts water and root infiltration and makes soil vulnerable to drying out, ponding and erosion. Healthy soil acts like a sponge, allowing excess rain to drain through, and letting roots absorb deep-down moisture during dry periods. The 23-degree, downward- rearward- and outward-swept wings of Tiger Points do more than just cut a slot in the compaction layer: In both wet and dry conditions, their turbulent lifting and twisting action below the soil surface aggressively fractures compaction for maximum air and water penetration and minimal runoff.

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