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Posted on 05/14/2013 in Featured, Maintenance, Video tips.

case_ih_lifebloodsNew Case IH fluids are the only ones you need in your shed—and the lifebloods of your equipment. No. 1 Engine™ oil, Hy-Tran® Ultraction hydraulic/transmission oil and Actifull OT Extended-Life Premix Heavy-Duty OAT coolant/antifreeze were created to help producers meet the demands of both Tier-4 engines and CVT transmissions; they even work with legacy equipment. Here are some things to know about these new fluids:

  • Fluids work with all engine types and brands—even older equipment.
  • Hy-Tran Ultraction offers best-in-class water tolerance (the highest level in the industry)—withstanding contamination without additive depletion.
  • These are the only fluids tested and recommended for your Case IH equipment by our expert engineers.
  • Our fluids come with solidly defined performance and service interval properties (up to 600 hours between oil changes for select equipment models), something will-fit brands can’t claim.
  • Case IH fluids assure longer service intervals, higher performance, a lower risk of equipment failure and better preserved machine equity.
  • Higher combustion temperatures and cylinder pressures are among the emission technology advances in the Tier-4B engines. As a result, the coolant in these new engines must resist deposit buildup and other issues that can occur in such extreme conditions. Actifull OT coolant meets this demand.

Watch the video below for fluid and filter maintenance tips.

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hydraulic fluid to thic in cold weather – 0 .



I believe in the Case IH No 1` Engine Oil! This oil is very different from other engine oil’s, last longer before the viscosity brakes – down and will not blow out of the breather pipe on older engines during very hot conditions.
This Case IH No1 engine oil is the only oil we use on this farm, and we have 25 year old tractors still running “great” just because I have used this Case oil!


Dundee Farms

Thank you for your comment. According to our product experts, the new HY-TRAN ULTRACTION SSL transmission-hydraulic fluid introduced earlier this year is synthetic for cold weather use. To learn more, see your local Case IH dealer or visit