Why it’s important to replace or repair at the first signs of wear

Posted on 05/05/2014 in Planting, Seedbed preparation, Service.

It’s no secret that the better the condition of your equipment, the more effective it will be. Taking the time to replace and repair parts at the first signs of wear will extend the life of your equipment and help ensure increased productivity.

CaseIH Firming Point GaugeFor the best precision depth control, be sure to replace firming points along with opening disks at the first sign of wear. Check all firming points using the Case IH firming point gauge. Simply slide the gauge over the bottom of the firming point; if part of the firming point appears in the gauge window, it’s time to replace it. It’s that simple.

CaseIH Closing Disk

When it comes to closing disks, the general rule is to replace them once they’ve worn down to 7.5 inches (from 8 inches when new). It’s a good idea to examine the performance of the closing disks while planting. Take a close look to make sure the disks are adequately closing the seed trench. If they are not doing the job, down pressure spring kits—available from your Case IH dealer—can improve performance.

Browse through our Case IH Planting Aftermarket catalog for more information on planting kits and disk assemblies.

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