Hardworking Software Solutions Get The Job Done

Posted on 06/03/2014 in AFS, Harvest.

Precision Farming is all about controlling every controllable factor. By analyzing field performance, trends can be identified for high-or low-performing areas, and adjustments can be made to improve your return on investment in a particular section of a field.

Pulling together numerous sources of data about your farm operation, AFS desktop software helps you make better decisions. Layer yield and moisture maps over aerial photographs of your field for a true picture of performance. Customize charts, graphs and layered maps for an even deeper analysis of variety/hybrid, plant population and soil topography—all so you can record application and harvest information, and compare field-to-field yields from year to year.

Switching over to a Case IH AFS Precision Farming system has never been easier. Years of historical yield maps, planting prescriptions, guidance lines and field boundaries can be easily imported and exported from all of the popular displays.


Ready to give it a try? Click here to download a free copy of AFS View or a 15-day trial of the full office software.