Make way for the new generation

Posted on 09/30/2014 in Featured, Harvest, Primary tillage.

The newest addition to the Tiger Point line is now available in dealerships across North America. With a fresh, innovative design, the New Generation Tiger Point creates less draft than competitive points, which results in reduced fuel consumption.

The sturdy alloy-steel construction of Case IH Tiger Points is based on years of in-depth research on tillage and planting agronomics. Put simply, these agronomic tillage points help lay the foundation for healthier, more abundant crop production.

Unlike other points, Case IH Tiger Points feature a unique “lift, twist and roll” capability, allowing the point to aggressively fracture tough compaction without shattering or breaking. This feature has been vastly improved with the new generation Tiger Point. The new point is two times more wear-resistant than previous versions—which means less downtime and more field time.

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