Control the drift

Posted on 05/16/2014 in Harvest, Maintenance.

3340 Patriot Sprayer_04-13_AFS-6019Efficient spraying is crucial when it comes to controlling costs and optimizing your yields. But controlling spray drift can be a challenge, particularly in the face of tough weather conditions. Fortunately, there are a few surefire tips to help maximize your spraying efficiency:

  1. Choose the right droplet size. Nozzles that produce fine to mid-range droplets are used for applications requiring excellent coverage—herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. But mid- to coarser-range droplets—while offering less thorough surface coverage—provide improved drift control. Tee-Jet® nozzles from your Case IH dealer produce flat spray patterns with a 110-degree tapered edge, and the Venturi air aspirator produces large, air-filled drops for better coverage. As you approach neighboring crops, slow down and reduce nozzle pressure to allow your spray to hit its target without affecting nearby crops.
  2. Keep an eye on nozzle wear. Different nozzles offer different flow rates, but the deviation increases as the nozzle starts to wear. Change your nozzles as they age to ensure top-notch performance. Sprayer performance kits from your Case IH dealer come with a calibrator, which analyzes spray nozzle output, determines nozzle wear and verifies that your nozzle is within specifications.
  3. Take the night shift. Spraying at night has its advantages: slower evaporation and less stressed plants for higher absorption rates and less wind (and therefore spray drift), to name two. LED light kits for sprayers allow you to enjoy the advantages of nighttime spraying.

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