Why Case IH maintenance products?

Posted on 05/15/2014 in General, Maintenance, Service.

Case IH filters

When it comes to maintaining your equipment, what you put in has a lot to do with what you get out. Filters, fluids and other equipment consumables may seem like a small part of your farming operation—but they make a big difference when you’re out in the field. Using anything less than Case IH products not only diminishes performance, it may also compromise your equipment investment. Filters, batteries and fluids from your Case IH dealer offer a clear advantage.


A filter’s purpose is to extend the life of your equipment by protecting it from harmful contaminants. Lower-quality filters may save you a buck at the counter, but their inferior protection can cost you greatly in the long run. The advanced design, durable construction and rigorous testing of our filters ensures the best heavy-duty protection for your equipment.





Case IH Lifebloods—No. 1 engine oil, Hy-Tran Ultraction and Actifull OT 50/50 Premix Extended Life coolant—were created to help producers meet the demands of both Tier-4 engines and CVT transmissions; they even work with legacy equipment. They promote peak performance and longer service intervals—making them the only fluids you need in your shed. Learn more about Case IH Lifebloods here.


Don’t risk your productivity with standard car batteries. Case IH batteries are engineered specifically with your equipment in mind—and built to take a beating in the fields. Learn more about batteries here.