AFX Rotors: Designed for increased capacity

Posted on 05/14/2013 in Combine, Harvest, Video tips.

AFX rotor for Case IH axial-flow combinesWhen it comes to productivity and simplicity in the field, nothing beats Case IH Axial-Flow® combines—thanks in large part to their expertly engineered AFX Rotor.

The efficiency starts with a half-inch thick, AR235 steel, constant-pitch impeller design, hardened in all the critical areas. The impellers provide increased throughput capacity, even crop flow, reduced noise levels and reduced parasitic horsepower loss.

The rotor skin is helical, wrapped to provide a more uniform roundness. This virtually eliminates the need to shim rasp bars in hard-threshing small grains. This design is also stronger and less susceptible to denting.

The rotor features a large, cast, heat-treated drive hub. It bolts into the rear of a stronger rotor and eliminates the rubber bushings and coupler used on earlier models.

Fine-tuning your rotor setup according to changing conditions and crop types is crucial for maximum performance. Your Case IH dealer has several optional rotor elements to help customize your combine to meet specific threshing and separating needs. Talk to your dealer, or refer to your operator’s manual for complete mounting and setup details and common startup configurations for most crops.

The video below contains rotor, rasp bar, threshing and concave maintenance tips.

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