AFS + planting: The perfect combo

Posted on 02/11/2014 in AFS, Planting.

Seed costs can add up—but modern technologies that add efficiency during planting can keep them under control.

With the help of precision farming solutions, producers can “plant by prescription,” reducing overlap and managing input costs. Automatic section control from Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) automatically shuts off and turns on planter sections to eliminate double applications. In complex planting applications, this can save up to 16 percent in seed costs.

The as-applied mapping and variety tracking feature automatically records and maps where and what producers have planted and at what rates. Producers can then use this information during harvest to analyze seed-variety performance.

Finally, the variable rate feature allows growers to apply a high seed population to fertile or well-irrigated soils to maximize yield potential, or reduce the rate on less-fertile or poorly irrigated soils.

Best of all, Case IH AFS solutions work with a number of different implement brands.


See what producers have to say about AFS in the videos below.